For this course, you have already chosen a topic and narrowed it to a problem that is focused and specific. (Instructing multi-generational learners and the problems that arise). You are currently researching the literature that has been published and the studies that have already been done on the problem you have identified. Remember that a literature review is only one part of a bigger study.  For this forum, let us assume that you take this a step further and you actually do your own study on that topic. You have been reading the literature on your problem and becoming more familiar with it and how to frame it as the semester progresses. I  would like for each of you to use the below format to respond (three parts labeled A, B and C);A.  State the general topic (Phrase or one sentence)B.  Write a title for a possible research project (paper or proposal). Remember that a topic is broad and a title is much more specific and related to your problem. (one sentence).C.   Given the context of the above topic and title, write the first part (establishing the problem…see chapter 5 Creswell) of an introduction for a research proposal (paper). This should be at least400 words and no more than 700 words (excluding reference list). You must use at least 4 references in the introduction (use correct APA for in text citations and in the reference list). Thelast sentence will include the the purpose of the study. Remember you are only writing the first part of the introduction (establishing the problem leading to the study, not the other parts) (see chapter 5 in Creswell to assist with writing the introduction).

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