Formulate a Research

Assignment Title: Formulate a Research Problem In this Assignment, you will engage in developing effective verbal communication. This is critical to your success in most jobs. Whether by phone, recorded presentation, in person, or via video conferencing or chat, your ability to articulate a message or piece of information in a clear, concise, and professional manner can distinguish you from your peers and/or competition. Directions for completing this Assignment Read the Case Scenario: Kinshasa Abroad — African Cuisine and Culture As a new marketing research associate in training, you are tasked with recording a formal oral presentation in Microsoft© PowerPoint© to demonstrate your ability to formulate marketing research problems. Using what you learned from reading Chapters 2 and 3 in the textbook to inform your work on this Assignment, build a 7-slide audio visual presentation answering the following marketing research problems listed below. 1. Include a Title Slide 2. If you were to serve as a research consultant for Mr. Kabasella, what information would you need to enable you to help him diagnose his marketing problem(s)? 3. Construct a slide that explains the value of problem definition in the marketing research process for this case. 4. Propose how to create/define a research problem to assist marketing research for this case. 5. Incorporate how the interpretation of a problem definition stimulates critical-thinking and secures required information. 6. Create a list of probing questions you would ask Mr. Kabasella if you were going to meet with him to help him specify (a) the manager’s decision problem and (b) research problems. 7. Reference slide Presentation Format In Microsoft PowerPoint, create a title slide containing your name, the topic, and the date. Be sure to apply a design to your presentation. Create one slide for each of the decision problems above. In this Assignment, you will be using the Microsoft PowerPoint narration tool to create your own audiovisual presentation. Once you have done this, you can put this skill on your resume. Audiovisual presentations are used in everything from customer service response, training employees, solving problems in the workplace, explaining instructions to colleagues and responding to stakeholders concerning business issues. For a tutorial on adding audio to your

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