ford global strategy

Conduct a research on the “trade war” between the United States and China to analyze the potential impact on Ford. Please cover the areas below, supported by well-documented research. That is, this is not an opinion paper except at the very end.

  • Describe the nature of the issue. What are the factors that are involved? Why is this an issue today?
  • How does the issue impact globalization, cross-border exchange, free trade, protectionism?
  • For the company you have chosen, what are some of the expected impacts on the company doing business in US and China (if you are researching the “trade war”).
  • Choose a direction in which the issue could be resolved (tariffs continue to rise between China and US). What are some of the expected outcomes if the issue is resolved in this manner?
  • Now for your opinion and/or recommendation: is this generally favorable or unfavorable for global trade in the future, particularly for the company you have chosen. Please support your perspective by drawing on your research and course concepts.

4-5 pages maximum double-spaced; APA, including citations

Please use the following references:…………

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