For EinsteintheProf

Hello Einstein, for the work which we did day before yesterday, i need little help in writing it in based on requirements of First week assignment.

Rewrite the attached paper, by reviewing the example below.

Example: First – Change the Topic name as we are actually implementing a program.

For example Topic “The Need to Improve Employee Morale at the New Castle Farmer’s Market”. changed to “Designing and Implementing a Program to Improve Employee Morale at the New Castle Farmer’s Market”.

Second – Include Introduction dialogue from attached paper here).

Third – Problem Statement Dialogue (Take the problem statement from the attached paper and change it to Dialogue as below example)

The low morale at the New Castle Fisherman’s Market is causing much discontent among the workers resulting in increased absenteeism, high turnover and a greater number of worker’s compensation cases. Customer service is also suffering because disgruntled employees are not extending their usual warmth to the customers.

Fourth – You will be adding dialogue like the following example: This paper will describe the design and implementation of a program to enhance the morale of the employees at the New Castle Farmer’s Market

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