for constitutional based the u s constitution or the specific amendment must be referenced

  • Marya Callais, a citizen of California, was walking along a busy street in Tallahasee, Florida, where she has a vacation home, when a large crate flew off a passing truck and hit her, causing numerous injuries. Many people rushed to her aid. She was released from a Florida Hospital after having reconstructive surgery on her legs and spinal surgery due to back injuries. She returned to California for recuperation. She experienced a great deal of pain and suffering, incurred significant medical expenses and could not work for six months while she underwent extensive therapy in California. She wants to sue the trucking firm for $300,000 in damages. The defendant, Citrus Juices, Inc. is incorporated in Delaware and firm’s headquarters are in Georgia, although the company does business in Florida, and California, where they are prominent growers and packers of Oranges.
  • Post. Due 3/4. 20 pt Using material from the text write a RULE: for each issue statement you submitted in Post 1. The Rule must include both the general rule and the elements of that rule. Do not include case citations in your Rule statement.Your rule provides the general rule, elements and defenses in full sentence and paragraph form. For constitutional based the U.S. Constitution or the specific Amendment must be referenced. I would start a paragraph with the words, “Generally”. Use bridge words like “however” or “further” to introduce elements or defenses. Elements and defenses can be handled in separate paragraphs.
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