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Methods to Motivate Employees to Improve BehaviorsThis case presents a behavior problem in light of potential downsizing.For this Discussion:Read “Incident: Motivating and Maintaining Morale During Downsizing” on p. 273 of Nkomo, Fottler, and McAfee.Select two of the following five possible solutions on which to conduct research:TerminationCoaching and counseling for behavior modificationTraining for new skillsDemotionTransferResearch and evaluate each of the solutions you chose.Consider any assumptions you made about the case, in addition to the information presented, in order to evaluate the solutions.With these thoughts in mind:Post by Wednesday August 3, 2016 a 3-paragraph (at least 300 word) evaluation of the potential solutions you researched and a recommendation for a policy to handle similar situations.In your evaluation include the strengths and weaknesses of both solutions. Also include a description of any assumptions you made about the case when evaluating your solutions. Support your evaluation with proper citations from this week’s Learning Resources and at least two additional resources from the Library or Internet.Based on your evaluation, make a recommendation for policies the firm should have in place in the future.

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