foods and nutrients

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The USDA has recommended dietary guidelines on intake of certain types of foods and nutrients, as well as suggested limits on daily caloric, fat and sugar intake. These recommendations have evolved as science has provided greater and greater insights over time. Recent research has shown that nearly half of the adult population of the United States suffers from chronic diseases, many of which are related to diet.

Research the USDA’s current dietary guidelines and create a one-day three-meal schedule (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for a normal adult that meets but does not exceed or fall (much) below the dietary guidelines. Provide breakdowns and reasoning for each menu item in each meal in terms of how the dietary guideline equation will add up to satisfy the suggested daily intake. After providing the meal schedule for a normal adult, provide additional one-day diet plans (which include 3 meals) that address the different dietary concerns for an adult vegetarian, a child who suffers from juvenile diabetes and an adult who suffers from acute heart disease.

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