first draft 10

The first draft is due on 03/14 11pm. I would like 1,000 words (that’s roughly 3 double-spaced pages) in which you develop the theoretical part of the paper (leave your buildings/interiors/built environments out of the equation for now, please). Those 3 pages may contain a short, half-page introduction, which is where some of the work from your abstracts and proposals can be put to use.

I want to have a further research on how capital shapes the cities by compare three building from three different period(three buildings/interiors/built environments-one theory)and then have an argue about it. I have two abstracts, you can choose either one or change it as well.

This is the requirements abstracts from teacher “Two abstracts means that I would like you to come up with two essay abstracts, that is, with two separate paragraphs, each outlining a different essay project. Consider this an exercise that makes you fully familiar with the range of topics/theories we’ll be covering over the course of the semester. The syllabus is a good place to start, as is the SAGE Handbook of Architectural Theory, which contains extensive bibliographies on each of its thematic sections:

Both of your abstracts can deal with the same broad area of theory (e.g. both can be about different aspects of environmental theory), and should you choose the three-theory model, all three theories can be about different aspects of one area of theory (e.g. aesthetics, broken down into postmodernism, modernism, and post-functionalism).

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