find an art object visual art music poetry movie etc that portrays the concept of artistic expression

  • Find an art object (visual art, music, poetry, movie, etc.) that portrays the concept of artistic expression.
  • Analyze the object according to requirements for the form/format that it exists in. In other words, what are the elements of stylistic form that your art object belongs to (hip hop, romantic poetry, pop art, urban graffiti, portrait photography, specific fashion trend, etc.). Define the stylistic format. What are the elements of the form. In other words, what are the characteristics of the specific form (sometimes defined as genre). Refer to objective readings, critics, “expert” opinions as to what makes your chosen artistic object a work of art.
  • Make a connection to the readings, videos or recordings for the art piece – how it speaks to you. Convey in an expressive/personal manner what it means to you.
  • Each PPT should be at least 10 slides in length.
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