Final Presentation with Powerpoint

Hi, I just have a final presentation. I posted the word document that is all requests for my presentation. I need you to decide a topic and do the powerpoint (no more than 10 slides) for me. Please ignore the paper work that I will do it by my own. I also posted my electronic book because Students should apply theories associated with the above-categories (found in the textbook) in their topic analysis.

So, firstly according to the elcctronic book and word document, please choose a topic for me. Secondly, please give me a brief description of my presentation that students can have an understanding of my presentations. Thirdly, please do the powerpoint for me, the powerpoint should no more than 10 slides and please write the brief description for every slides in word document that I can know what should I talk about in my presentation.

It is really important for me. Please pay more attention to it. Thank you!~

(If you can’t read the electronic book please let me know, I will send it to your email because the file is too big.)

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