factors of gender and sexual orientation in professional practice

Gender and sexual orientation have a greater influence on the identity of individuals than biological function and romantic attraction. These factors influence the roles individuals assume in society and the way they present themselves to the world. With society’s strong perceptions, biases, and worldviews about what it means to be male or female and about how sexuality and its expression should be defined, how would these factors affect your work with clients who hold differing perceptions and worldviews from your own and/or from society’s in general?

For this assignment, review this week’s Learning Resources. Consider the identities of gender and sexual orientation in establishing rapport with a member of the population you selected in Week 3. Then search the Walden Library for two articles not identified in this week’s Learning Resources that further your understanding of working with individuals from this population. One article should address gender within the population you selected. The other article should address sexuality within this same population. Further, consider the layers of identity that influence understandings of gender and sexuality within the population you selected.

Write a description of factors related to gender and sexual orientation that you need to consider when establishing rapport with clients from the population you selected (Philippines culture),.

Further, describe how race and ethnicity relate to gender and sexual orientation within that population.


American Psychological Association (2007). Guidelines for psychological practice with girls and women. Retrieved from http://www.apa.org/practice/guidelines/girls-and-women.pdf

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