Explanation for week 2 assignment

Good Afternoon. I received a zero on this assignment that was done for me about 2 weeks ago for the reasons below. Can someone please provide an explanation? The below statement is from the professor. I can not afford a zero on this assignment. i currently have a 55 in this class now.

  • Trai, I am confused by the “two” trees and answers for parts a, b, and c twice (e.g., see cells C40 and A53 both giving solutions for part “b”.

    All of the explanations don’t make sense compared to the numbers on the decision trees. Which one tree should be used? Please explain the steps you took in designing your tree.

    Please add (in layman terms) how the risk tolerance was determined. Please email me by end of the day on Friday (March 23, 2018) and I will revisit the score.

    Thank you,


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