explain the quot sexual revolution quot of the 1920s sigmund freud and margaret sanger

There are 2 parts of this discussion. I need at least 25 sentences each part. the book to use is America: a narrative history written by shi and Tindall, vol 2, 10th edition. Please make sure every sentences are grammatically correct, and CITE the PAGE number of each citation.

1. Explain the “Sexual Revolution” of the 1920s – Sigmund Freud and Margaret Sanger.


From the Pearson eReader, evaluate city living during the late 20th century and explain how the problems in these articles led to changes by Progressives.

Urban Pollution-Many Long Years Ago

How the Other Half Lives

Excerpts from The Jungle

Disasters and Progressive Reform

Follow is an axemple of what i need:

Describe the causes, major events and consequences of the Spanish-American War.

The 1898 Spanish-American War involved both immediate as well as background causes. Regardless of its brevity, the war resulted in an essential impact on the countries involved. One primary reason that led to the war was the Cuban revolt. In the late nineteenth century, Cuba was considered by the Spanish government as part of Spain, but the Cuban citizens pursued independence. According to Smith (2014, p 34), this led to a rebellion in the mid-1895 leading to the brutal oppression of the Cubans. America thereby sided with Cuba against Spain. Another cause was that the U.S. needed an empire. It wanted multiple coaling stations mainly in the Pacific for the U.S. ships to easily reach China’s markets, thus leading to the war. Further, the U.S declared war after its ship; the USS Maine was sunk in Havana Bay (Shi and Tindall, 2016 p 868). A significant consequence of this war was that it caused the U.S. to increase its influence internationally, which spread democracy. The U.S also gained Puerto Rico and the Philippines and also made Cuba independent.

Shi, David E., and George Brown Tindall. America: A narrative history. WW Norton & Company, 2016.

Smith, Joseph. The Spanish-American War 1895-1902: Conflict in the Caribbean and the Pacific. Routledge, 2014.

10. Using information from the textbook, create an argument on America’s “new manifest destiny” and what factors prompted the United States to imperialism and expansionism. Please leave out feelings, use facts to make your point. Remember to cite the page numbers.

According to Shi and Tindall (2016, p 876-878), Manifest Destiny is the most significant element and the intangible of American history as it is the underlying philosophy that crafted the nation. However, few Americans over the years ever assumed the nation’s boundaries will always be unchanged. This conception changed later on following the events of the Spanish-American War, which created the idea of expansionism. The American imperialism and expansionism were prompted by four significant factors: cultural, political, economic and geographical. Politically, imperialism involves spreading patriotism across the nation. Economic dynamics involved the desires of the nation to find new trading markets, which would enable the U.S to have new trading partners. The cultural element that prompted expansionism and imperialism targeted economic and political exploitation of the youth, through subdivision of the working class.

Shi, David E., and George Brown Tindall. America: A narrative history. WW Norton & Company, 2016.

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