Evaluate Forensic Tests

Describe, evaluate, and analyze the various forensic tests listed below (which are presented in the course textbook).

  1. Benford’s Law
  2. Largest Subsets Test
  3. Relative Size Factor Test
  4. Same-Same-Same Test
  5. Correlations
  6. Time-Series Analysis

Please include a response to each of the following items for each of the three tests you select:

  1. Describe the main features, purpose, and application of this test in a forensic setting.
  2. Explain the practical application of this test and provide advantages and disadvantages of using this approach.
  3. Describe an example in which the test would be applied.
  4. Evaluate this test’s usefulness and formulate an ideal business situation where this test would be most useful to the forensic investigator.
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