Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Group Homework #2

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (5% of your final grade)

Please carefully read the following instructions!

  • Hand-written assignments will receive a grade of zero.
  • Do not use bullet points; address each component with complete sentences.
  • Each summary should include a reference list at the end of the report and in-text citations within the report.
  • Both a soft and a hard copy of your assignment should be submitted to the instructor before the class. No excuse will be accepted.
  • It should be 3 – 4 pages long, no more than 4 pages, 1 in. all-around margins, single space and Times New Roman 12-point font.
  • Review the business pages of a local or national newspaper or a magazine such as Business Week to identify two examples of unethical and socially responsible business actions (One example for each action). Write a one-paragraph summary of each case of the actions – and cite where you found the article.

    Unethical action:

    Discuss why it is unethical and from perspective of which ethical system. [One or Two paragraph(s)]


    Socially responsible action:

    Discuss why the company does it and its benefits. [One or Two paragraph(s)]


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