Essay on Millennials and Home ownership

I need someone to create a very high quality, 800 – 2000 word essay in proper, native U.S. English on the following topic:

“Is the “American Dream” of one day owning a home alive and well among Millennials?”

Millennials having experienced the “Great Recession,” which was the traumatic housing crisis that triggered the financial crisis a decade ago. As a result, data suggests that Millennials (those born between 1981 to 1997) have been slow to adopt homeownership. Discuss the pros and cons of homeownership for Millennials, as well as which factors could increase or decrease homeownership among the generation. Will their collective hesitation and apprehension hurt them in the long run or are Millennials simply in the process of re-defining the “American Dream?”

Please only bid if you are a native, U.S. English writer and can follow directions and create essays that are well-written and clearly and creatively address the topic. Essay will be judged on writing ability (25 percent), creativity (25 percent), originality (25 percent), and overall excellence (25 percent).

Essays must be in proper 6th edition APA format with at least 5 legitimate sources (no plagiarism), and a properly cited references page.

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