essay i need rough draft and final draft

Problem/Solution Letter

I need rough draft and final draft.

This should be in rough draft- This should be a rough draft of your letter. – Not perfect but complete.

  1. Things to include: Block format, brief introduction establishing your ethos, several body paragraphs touching on the problem and solution and a brief conclusion closing the topic.

For this essay project you will create a letter that responds to one problem in the community. Community could be things like local community, neighborhood community, school community (college or if you have children the secondary school community), work community, etc. You will find the appropriate person to address and suggest some solutions to a community problem. This essay will consist of the 3-4 outside sources. This means you will find appropriate sources to support your solution. The quotes and paraphrases will be done informally (no works cited necessary).


  • Students should be able to analyze problems and to select the best solution to a problem after careful consideration of various solutions to problems.
  • Students should understand the definition of a problem and a solution.
  • Students should be able to distinguish various kinds of claims and appeals, understanding when to use certain kinds of claims and appeals in specific rhetorical contexts.
  • Students should be able to use various appeals to write a persuasive letter. Audience:

• The audience is skeptical of your position. However, the addressee of your letter is also someone who can be convinced through persuasive logical reasoning and solid evidence.

Essay Requirements:

• • •

Length 2-3 pages / 12 pt. font/ Times New Roman/Single spaced
Use block letter format (with the exception of using 1-inch margins all around)

Informal citations (quotes and paraphrases) – include things like author, title, and source type before quoting/paraphrasing.

For example: In an online news article from The Washington Post title “LeBron James Isn’t The First Athlete to be Reminded That Skin Color Trumps Class,” author Kevin B. Blackistone argues, “James was not the first black athlete of some success who had to sustain this attempt at comeuppance.”

• The use of 1st and 2nd person is suggested. Remember you are addressing a specific audience.

o For example: 1st person: I, Me, My, Mine (singular), We, Us, Our(s) (plural) o For example: 2nd person: You, You, Your(s) (singular and plural)

Essay Format:

  • Introduce yourself and the show your audience you are familiar with him/her/them. State your thesis – main point.
  • Discuss the problem.
  • Discuss the solution – there is where your support should come in.
  • Conclude with how you think this solution is beneficial and how the audience can get into contact with you to discuss matters further.
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