essay for sociology 1

Hi, I have another sociology for this week, and last paper you wrote was amazing, do you mind do this kind of essay again? But the problem is this time topic is gender, and I am female. I don’t know your gender, if we are the same, that’s perfect, If we are not, do you think you can handle it well?

Are we ever not doing gender? From the moment we wake up until we go to
bed, it seems like we are constantly doing gender. For this essay, I
want you to walk me through a small segment of your day (when you wake
up, when you walk to class, when you eat lunch, when you shop, when you
drive or ride the bus, when you go out on a date, when you attend
religious ceremonies, when you watch movies with friends, etc). Do not
describe your whole day, but rather, choose some small segment (a strip)
of your life to describe. During that small segment of your day, in what
ways are you doing gender? How are you displaying your gendered
identity? Given the situation you find yourself in, how are you
conforming — or not — to gendered expectations of behavior? As you
write up your response, please reference and integrate into your essay
the reading by West and Zimmerman “Doing Gender” and/or Judith Lorber’s
“Night to His Day”

Your finished essays must be 500-600 words in total.

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