essay analyze a situation


I want you to follow the steps please. You can choose any of the following topics. By using Exemplification, Process Analysis, Comparison Contrast, Cause and Effect Analysis, Definition, or Classification and Division, produce a multi-paragraph essay that provides a complex analysis of your chosen topic.

Length = 1200–1300 words–30 points

Proper MLA format throughout–10 points

Thesis that sets-up analytical method being used–5 points

Body paragraphs that develop analytical method–25 points

Grammar–30 points

Run-on, comma splice, fragment -2

Pronouns that do not agree with noun replaced -2

Proper use of possessive case -1/ea.

Proper spelling, including homophones -1/ea.

Contractions -2

Second person “you” -2

Ending sentence with preposition -1

Ambiguous pronoun reference -1

Shifting pronouns -2

Shifting verb tense -2

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