essay about plagiarism


Before we turn to the research portion of the class, we’ll read, write, and reflect on college-level research practices. This assignment will, ideally, help you approach your own research with a greater understanding of academic research and source use. It also helps you to learn how to read academic articles (the kinds you will locate in your own research). Be sure to use the reading guides as you read the articles for this assignment; these reading guides teach you how to break down an academic article into sections to read, skim, and skip. Finally, this essay asks you to reference sources in your essay that your instructor and fellow classmates know well, which means that they can help you master citation and paraphrase skills during the drafting and revision process.

We’ve read Chris Anson “Fraudulent Practices: Academic Misrepresentations of Plagiarism In the Name of Good Pedagogy,” James M Lang “It’s not You,” Randall McClure “Examining the Presence of Advocacy and Commercial Websites in Research Essays of First-Year Composition Students,” Les Perelman “Information Illiteracy and Mass Market Writing Instruction,” and Howard, Rebecca Moore, Tanya K. Rodrigue, and Tricia C. Serviss “Writing from Sources, Writing from Sentences,” and we’ve reflected on our own source use and research in college.

This assignment asks you to argue a position on student source use in the academy using at least two of the above readings (not counting Lang) and your own experience as a college writer. This “position” doesn’t need to offer a solution or take a definitive stance; it may, for example, argue for the two main challenges to students finding and using quality sources or for the central dilemma in student plagiarism.

The essay needs to be 4-5 pages double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 inch Font. It will need to correctly cite and/or paraphrase passages from the texts in correct MLA form. You must refer to least two of the following four writers: Chris Anson, Randall McClure, Les Perelman or Howard et al. This essay can and should include personal experience and/or field research in addition to the scholarly sources read in class.

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