essay about book quot omnivore s dilemma quot

“Industrial:Corn” Analysis Essay

Pollan says that one of his main themes in The Omnivore’s Dilemma is the “tension

between the logic of nature and the logic of human industry” (9). Pollan shows this theme

throughout the Industrial section; What is one specific problem with the industrial food

system that illustrates this theme as discussed by Pollan and shown in one of the

documentaries or shows we have watched?(king corn)

Make sure to discuss a specific problem shown in OD and one of the documentaries. You

must use quotations from OD and quotations or paraphrases from the documentary.

Follow the guidelines below:

 MLA Format and citation

 4-5 pages, not including Works Cited page

 Introduction that introduces book, gives a short summary and introduces

the topic/s you will discuss(chapter 1-9)

 thesis statement as the last sentence of introduction

 topic sentences for each body paragraph

 at least 3 body paragraphs

 at least 2 supporting quotations for each paragraph to support your point

 4-5 quotations from OD and 1-2 quotations from one documentary. Make

sure at least one body paragraph has a quotation/paraphrase from two


 Works Cited page

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