Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which your team compares the Normal Accident Theory to the Culture of Safety model. Include the following in your paper:Part A:-Intro-Explain what factors can play a role in organizational accidents similar to the one highlighted in the scenario.-How do organizational processes give rise to potential failures?Part B:-How can certain conditions influence errors and violations within the workplace (e.g., operating room, pharmacy, intensive care unit)?-What are the errors and violations committed by “sharp end” individuals?-How does the breaching of defenses or safeguards affect these accidents?Part C:-Explain why the FDA, not OSHA, was responsible for investigating this case.-Explain how the Culture of Safety model could have been applied to reduce risk in this scenario.Part D:-Explain the five general principles used in the Culture of Safety model.-Explain actions that could have been taken to manage risk by applying each of the five general principles used in the Culture of Safety model to this scenario.-ConclusionEach part should be 300 words minimum.Please include references.ONLY COMPLETE PART A

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