Essay 1 – An Ethical Dilemma

Please write a 350 to 600 word essay in response to this prompt.You’re the plant manager in one of ABC Company’s five plants.  You’ve worked for the company for 15 years, working your way up from the factory floor after the company sent you to college.  Your boss just told you in complete confidence that the company will have to lay off 200 workers.  Luckily, your job won’t be affected.  But a rumor is circulating in the plant, and one of your workers (an old friend who now works for you) asks the question.  “Well, Pat, what’s the word?  Is the plant closing?  Am I going to lose my job?  The closing on our new house is scheduled for next week.  I need to know.”What will you say? Why?i want tomorrow 10 p.m

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