environmental economics

Forum 3

Suppose you are using a risk-benefit analysis to evaluate a policy aimed at limiting the use of a pesticide applied to a specific crop of your choice.

Describe the risks and benefits that would have to be estimated to conduct this analysis properly. Please make sure to research your specific crop, in your

risk-benefit analysis. In your answer, make sure to fully describe each of the stakeholders that are involved in this market and the implications of the

pesticide. include in text citation and references.

Forum 4

For this week, we are going to focus on the application of what you have learned and apply it to the news around us. Find a relevant article that has to deal with the first four weeks of the course. Present your article to your peers, then summarize the article in one paragraph, the next paragraph, present two economic terms that you have referenced from the article, then apply the terms to whether you agree or disagree with the recommendations of the author’s

position. include in text citation and references.

Forum 5

On table 12.3, “Cost-Effectiveness and Air Quality Regulation”, review one on

the studies that are listed and identify the following in your work: a.) What is the pollutant that is being identified? b.) What is the effectiveness of this

program? c.) How can we measure the effectiveness of this program? d.) What

happens if the market was left alone to bring about market solutions? include in text citation and references.

Forum 6

You have been recently hired as a consultant, working as part of an EPA team, you now have an assignment. As an alternative to standards, one policy proposal is the use of permit trading among point sources of water pollution. Give the major reason why this is advantageous (a) from an economic perspective and (b) from an environmental perspective. In your research, make sure to select a specific industry and provide why permit trading would be good for society. include in text citation and references.

Forum 7

Visit the Website of Environmental Defense Fund, and review the list of their recent corporate partnerships at http://www.edf.org/page.cfm?tagID=56 . Select

one, and summarize the cooperative efforts between Environmental Defense and a private firm. Identify some of the potential environmental and economic benefits . include in text citation and references.

associated with that partnership.

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