entrepreneur in residence

Please answer the following questions in short essay format using paragraphs with complete sentences, paying attention to spelling and grammar. You can put your answers after the questions and upload your WORD DOC file (not zipped please) to BB Assignments. Aim for half a page answer for each question.

If you use websites or outside resources please cite them in APA style.

1) Think of a famous successful entrepreneur (one that your professor would know). Name this person and their business. Describe how this person became successful and a top producer in their field. Name 2 strategies that this person used to make their business profitable. Now name 2 lessons learned from this individual that could be used by other entrepreneurs.

2) Think of a famous entrepreneur who failed or was not successful (one that your professor would know). Name the person and the business. Describe how this person failed in their business venture. Name 2 actions this person took that caused them to fail. Now name 2 lessons learned from this individual that other entrepreneurs should be careful not to do.

3) Go back to our PPTS on BB about mindsets. Choose 2 of the mindsets slides. Write a paragraph about each one, giving a real world example of the old mindset, which does not work for businesses today, and then give a real world example of the new mindset, which does work in today’s marketplace. Be sure to give 4 separate examples in your answer.

4) Trends in entrepreneurship. Name 3 different trends that you have observed in entrepreneurship recently in the United States. For each trend you name, explain why you think the trend has become popular, what is the marketplace result of the trend, and if this trend will continue or will it change in the future.

5) Choose an area of entrepreneurship that you are interested in. Do an internet search on this topic or read about it or go to the library to do some research on it. Describe your area of interest. What makes you interested in this topic? Now share 3 things that you learned about it (or want to learn about it). Add any other comments you like here.

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