English Language Learners

-After reviewing the video link below,  research the Audio-lingual method.  Write a review describing the theory and how it applies to language development.  Include who developed the theory, its significance to language development, perhaps key features and techniques and any additional resources that will assist a colleague in understanding the importance of this teaching approach.  You will write at least 2 paragraphs and you may include charts, visuals, videos or websites that can clarify your review.https://youtu.be/QFB_k3YQRU4-Review the list of ESOL Professional Organizations from the Colorin Colorado website provided below.  Select one organization, navigate the website and summarize/highlight the contents.  What do you feel to be the most significant about the organization?  How does the website encourage educators to become members?  What resources did you find to be most helpful to the teaching profession?  Is there a publication or newsletter that would increase your knowledge of current trends or methodologies?     Review the professional organization and share its contents in a minimum of two paragraphs. Include any visuals or hyperlinks that may persuade a colleague to join this professional organization to learn skills and acquire resources for advocating for equitable access for English language learners.http://www.colorincolorado.org/resource-organization-type/professional-organizations

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