english composition 1010 sentence revision 3

English composition 1010 sentence revision (2)

B.  Complete Exercise 4 on p. 153 of your online text.  Do not simply “change a word”–that’s not revision!  You need not copy the original sentence, but I want to see specific, precise language in your responsesRevise the following sentences by replacing the overly general words with more precise and attractive
language. Write the new sentences on your own sheet of paper.
1. Reilly got into her car and drove off.
2. I would like to travel to outer space because it would be amazing.
3. Jane came home after a bad day at the office.
4. I thought Milo’s essay was fascinating.
5. The dog walked up the street.
6. The coal miners were tired after a long day.
7. The tropical fish are pretty.
8. I sweat a lot after running.
9. The goalie blocked the shot.
10. I enjoyed my Mexican meal.

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