enc1101 cause and effect essay

Working with Sources. Conspiracy theories have been popular throughout history. Consult a few websites to get an overview of some popular conspiracy theories — for example, those surrounding the moon landing, 9/11, the assassination of JFK, or another historical event — and ask some of your friends which of these theories they find believable. Then, write an essay in which you try to account for what might have led to these theories and some possible effects of such beliefs. Be sure to provide parenthetical documentation for any references to Koerth-Baker’s essay, and include a works-cited page. The essay needs two pages. You need to look for three conspiracy theories in google and explain them general in the essay and then just focus on one of them. Explain the cause that makes people believe in that theory or the effects that may have if people believe in that theory. Koerth-Baker’s essay is in page 498.

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