emerging threats and countermeasures 26

Watch the video and choose a topic to research more on.

Must be in APA and on an MS Word Document

Choose a topic

  • Identify a problem ex. Problem: Unsecured video surveillance systems
  • Provide a solution: ex. Encrypt transmission and hard drive using 256 bit
  • How would the solution be executed ex. public amid private keys, TLS,
  • Conclusion: ex. The data would need to be backed up an Array would help with data retention and SFTP data dumps on another server that only accepts transmission from the source IP and block all others.
  • References
  • The above is only an example as a guide. Your submission must include a Running head, abstract, body, conclusion, and references.
  • video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=ucRWyGKBVzo
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