elements of an effective athletic compliance office

Submit Assignment: Elements of an Effective Athletics Compliance Office

Communication: Communication is defined as communicating orally and in writing with various campus constituencies regarding legislation and rules-compliance issues.
Organization: Organization is ensured by assuming responsibilities for rules-compliance and clearly defining compliance-related policies and procedures and tasks and responsibilities for key individuals.
Documentation: Documentation occurs through the proper documentation of the compliance-related policies and procedures and appropriate record keeping efforts.
Evaluation: Evaluation ensures appropriate internal and external oversight to ensure the office is operating efficiently and appropriate efforts are being taken to ensure compliance and maintain institutional control.

For your assignment, please choose an NCAA or NAIA member institution and develop a paper about two (2) pages in length that describes the rules-compliance efforts of that institution. Your research should focus on the materials available on the institution’s athletics compliance website.

  • Discuss the different avenues they use to educate the campus community, monitor rules-compliance issues and investigate potential rules-compliance issues.
  • Demonstrate what stands out to you regarding the institution’s rules-compliance efforts.
  • Identify one area of improvement you would make to provide a better online rules-compliance presence.

Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

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