EDMG498 Course Project Part B Assignment wk2

Course Project Part B: When applying for most Federal and State programs and grants you are required to submit a great deal of detailed information on your community. Much of this is developed from the community’s threat assessment and identification of critical infrastructures and key resources. This assignment will continue the research necessary for your final assignment. For this part you are to develop the following information for your community:

� What is the climate and weather found in your community?

� Describe the Topography of your community? (Include anything that might be a particular hazard)

� What is the population and demographics for your community? Are there any ethnic or other groups that might be either a particular risk or at risk from a threat group?

Post this to Course Project Part B folder(insure that you check off submit for grading).

Please No Plagiarism

Please use APA formatting and in text cititation

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