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Hi this assignment is due by tonight at 11:59. Can you please follow all of the instructions carefully and put together a nice research paper. Please be sure to include all of the requirements in the paper. The instructions and rubric are attached below. Please messga eme or contact my phone number at 6317930020. I will be happy to answer any questions. Thank you so much and please follow all instructions. This assignment should not take that long, less than 2 hours

Chapter 8 of the text provided the student with some general themes and ideas that have been developed by the behavioral school of economics. For this paper, the student should take that information as a base of knowledge and expand upon it by researching(at least 3 additional resources) the origins and evolution of the behavioralists. Some of the main items that you should fully address in the paper include:

1. Some of the main differences between neo-classical and behavioral economic theory (include practical applications and examples to highlight difference).

2. Leading figures in the school of thought and their hypotheses, theories, works and awards (particularly the nobel prize).

3. The current state of behavioral economics within the realm of mainstream economic teaching (is it a fringe element or part of standard teaching).

Confirmation of the use of is required with the submission of each writing assignment. Before submission of your paper to the Instructor, giver yourself at least 2 days for sending your 1st draft with the assignment instructions to, the free writing tutoring service. (See the tab on the left side of the Canvas webpage) Your tutor will review and advise you about improvements. Make corrections to your copy and then submit the assignment with confirmation of the tutor’s name and time of your session (a screenshot is one method or simply state the tutor’s name and session time in your essay submission). Repeat: review and confirmation of use is required for your essay to be accepted in fulfillment of the assignment.

Also, note that when you submit your assignment, you will be shown a Turnitin percentage score. This score measures the similarity of your essay to previous essays and source material authored by others. 100% means the essay is plagiarized, completely copied. Using a lot of quotations can give a high score, though it can be absolutely correct. A rule of thumb is that 60% seems high and there should be a good reason for that much of quotations. The point of showing you the Turnitin score is not to catch you in plagiarism, but to help you improve your writing and avoid plagiarism – the use of others’ ideas without giving proper credit. Your tutor can help you, too. If you have any questions, please let me know.



Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePaper OrganizationPaper must be well organized with an introductory paragraph, several paragraphs that form the body of the paper, and a concluding/summarizing paragraph. Proper grammar and citations are used and a works cited page is completed.

20.0 to >18.0 pts

Superior Quality

Paper was well organized with minimal grammatical issues. A works cited page was present and citations were properly completed.

18.0 to >12.0 pts

Minor Issues

Organizational quality and grammar needs to be worked on or citations/works cited have minor issues to correct.

12.0 to >0 pts

Major Issues

Paper is severely lacking in organizational quality or citations/works cited is severely lacking.

20.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContent QualityThis criterion addresses the quality of the information presented in the paper. All of the leading prompts in the assignment description should be discussed along with supporting research and citations to verify informational quality. A minimum of three additional sources are used,

30.0 to >27.0 pts

Superior quality

Paper has necessary supporting facts and citations to support claims made in the paper. All of the central themes are discussed at some point in the paper.

27.0 to >18.0 pts

Minor Issues

Paper is missing one or more main content areas or the information is poorly presented without substance. Minimum number of resources is not used.

18.0 to >0 pts

Major Issues

Paper fails to address the majority of topics set forth in the assignment description or the citations/supporting evidence doesn’t align with the narrative.

30.0 pts

Total Points: 50.0

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