earth science sedimentary and metamorphic rocks

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1. Describe how mechanical weathering increases the effectiveness of chemical weathering.

2. Why are black sand beaches (made out of ferromagnesian silicate minerals) uncommon, and white sand beaches (made of out non-ferromagnesian silicate minerals) common.

3. You are examining a sedimentary rock. Describe several things (at least two) that you could use to determine the past environment where the rock formed?

4. There is a thick layer of conglomerate that underlies the ‘Gunks’, the Shawangunk Ridge near New Paltz, New York. What can you figure out about the geologic past of that area?

5. You find a metamorphic rock and you wish to determine the grade, or degree of metamorphism were present when the rock formed. Describe several characteristics you would examine to determine the metamorphic grade of the rock.

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