each question must be a min of 250 words in apa format please use resource

EACH QUESTION MUST BE A MIN OF 250 WORDS IN APA FORMAT/PLEASE USE RESOURCE LISTED BELOW/ and in text citations APA format. Also use at least one other source as a reference for each question 

1. Paraphrase what the text reveals about gender, class and race as they relate to crime.

 2. Describe some of the biological and psychological perspectives of explaining crime.

3. Summarize using information from the text how social control theory applies to delinquent behavior.

4. Critique middle-class delinquency’s relationship to gangs relative to the theories discussed about this topic in the text


CMRJ303 E-book

Criminology, 8/e

Freda Adler, Rutgers University – Newark
Gerhard O. W. Mueller, Rutgers University – Newark (Deceased)
William S. Laufer, University of Pennsylvania

ISBN- ISBN-10: 0078026423 | ISBN-13: 978-0078026423

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies
Copyright year: 2013

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