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Be sure to substantiate your analysis ideas with quotes and information from at least four academic sources. Please use references that will support this information, as I will be checking.  This paper needs to be at least two pages in length not including images or the APA title/reference pages. Please remember, your paper should be in APA format and include in-text-citation as stated above.In your final paper, remember to consider the effects the visual elements have on the viewers: The paper is on (Southwest Airlines)  https://www.southwest.comPerceptual Response – When analyzing a viewer’s perception of visuals, it is important to consider the audience. Consider who is or is not attracted to this type of visual communication. When analyzing a viewer’s Perceptual Response, Choose two of the following effects:Target audience specifics (age, profession, gender, financial status, etc.)Cultural familiarity elements (ethnicity, religious preference, social groups, etc)Cognitive visuals (viewer’s memories, experiences, values, beliefs, etc.)Technical Response – When analyzing a viewer’s response to certain visuals, we need to consider the technical visual aspects that may affect perception. Describe how visuals affect the interpretation of the intended media communication message. Address specific technological elements that impact perception. When analyzing the Technical Response, consider the Laws of Perceptual Organization (similarity, proximity, continuity, common fate, etc), and at least two of the following types of visuals:Drop-down menusHover-over highlightingAnimationsQuality of visualsEmotional Response – When analyzing a viewer’s Emotional Response, it is important to consider the targeted audience preferences and emotional intelligence. Discuss what the viewer might want to see and what type of visual presentation will set the tone for that response. When analyzing the Emotional Response, consider the effects of at least two of the following types of visuals:Mood setting colorsa. Mood setting lightingb. Persuasive imagesc. Positioning of search or purchase buttonsd. Social media icons and share optionsEthical Response – When analyzing a viewer’s Ethical Response, it is important to consider the targeted audience values and beliefs. Identify any negative messages about certain ideas, groups, or cultures. Describe and pinpoint images that may be inappropriate for a variety of viewers. Keep in mind that your website can be accessed by all ages and groups. When analyzing the Ethical Response, choose at least two of the following types of visuals:Visual stereotypesLimitations in diversityInappropriate images for all audiencesDigital alterationsFalse representation or advertising

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