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Purpose of Assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to review two separate cultures of unfamiliarity and to hypothesize how best to become more familiar working with clients of these cultural backgrounds by exhibiting an understanding of inclusivity.Instructions: Culture and cultural identity are crucially important concepts in Human Services practice. As Human Services Professionals we may or may not be highly knowledgeable of all the cultures being served within our practice. However, we must approach culturally-different people with openness, respect, and a willingness to learn. Self-awareness, which involves looking within the self, is one of the most important components in the knowledge base of culturally-competent practice. Cultural variation relates to our ability to understand the differences in social behaviors that different cultures exhibit—for example, gender roles and the social hierarchy’s existent within some cultures.For the Module 02 written assignment, you are going to look at cultures in which you have limited familiarity with and/or are uncomfortable with. You will then pretend that you are a Human Services Professional working with two different clients that identify with two separate cultures you know little about.Directions: In a 2 full page double-spaced paper, address the following:What two cultures have you chosen and why?What cultural dynamics (or cultural features) are you interested in learning more about? What specific reason was this unfamiliarity and/or discomfort and what is the potential disadvantage of not learning and understanding more about these cultures as a Human Services Professional?If you were the Human Services Professional working with two different clients from these two cultures that you have identified, how would you (a) work towards being more comfortable with these clients and (b) implement a professional plan towards learning more about both cultures so that your practice promotes inclusivity?APA Requirement: Please ensure that you meet the page length requirement and that your paper is double-spaced throughout. Also, please ensure that you have cited all facts throughout your work with parenthetical in-text citations and that you have a Reference Page at the end of your work.

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