downsizing and how it can be healthy for a business

Topic: Downsizing and how it can be healthy for a business

 Write a short two page paper (700 words, at least). The idea is to spend more time researching than writing so I would like to see at least five references with the attendant citations in the text in your papers. I would also like to see you double-check your grammar and wording to make sure you are clearly expressing your thoughts to an educated reader. The paper is a chance to concentrate on clarity, not quantity of words.

Topic 2 – Downsizing and how it can be healthy for a business. Avoid the negatives of layoffs and attrition and focus on the potential positive benefits for businesses.

The grading rubric will be simple:

The first grammatical error costs five points, the second four, the third three and so on.
Fewer than five good references costs ten points
Plagiarizing in a paper on plagiarism costs 100 points (bad idea)
Not addressing the subject at all costs 100 points (bad idea)

Please use correct citation and APA style. Please use correct grammar, five references and address all areas of the question.

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