dot compliance


A DOT compliance program requires regular maintenance and review, which includes identifying any trends related to accidents and citations. Trending allows you to identify issues before they become recurring problems. Once the issue(s) are pinpointed a plan must be developed to address the problem and communicate it with the employee(s). For example, you may notice drivers in a certain area have frequent and similar mistakes when completing their driver logs. You should identify the common mistakes and hold a meeting to discuss it with the drivers.

Look at the top 20 Hazmat violations and develop a response to the following scenario:

You are a manager and one of your drivers receives a hazmat related violation (choose one from the top 20 list) during a roadside inspection. Develop a summary (250 words or more) for your supervisor answering the following questions:

  • What was the violation?
  • What does the regulation state (look up the violation code)?
  • Is this the drivers 1st violation?
  • Has the company received similar violations from other drivers?
  • How do you intend on addressing this with the driver and/or drivers…counseling, termination, retraining, etc.?
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