do you agree with quot positive change is possible quot

In this week’s readings our authors discuss what “visionary feminism” looks like (hooks, 103). In “Escape from the Five-Million Year Old Suburb”, Rebecca Solnit describes communities that are not patriarchal, and encourages us to remember that we are “a highly adaptable species…. we are not necessarily who we once were, and who we once were is not necessarily what the “just-so” stories say” (122). hooks discusses her own coming of age in the 1970’s and how loving bonds can create a world that is different than what we thought might be inevitable. She emphasizes the basic “fundamental and necessary truth: there can be no love when there is domination” (103).


Respond to the central thesis that both authors are addressing this week: Positive change is possible. Do you agree with this idea? Or not? Explain your response and be sure to quote both authors. You DO NOT need a works cited at the end of your response. But you DO need to cite the source in your response. For instance if you quote the author of the book, include her name and page number (hooks 5) for instance. When you quote the video, include a time stamp where the quote appears like this (3:15), and be sure to name the speaker.

READ: Feminism is for Everybody – Chapters 16 and 17…

AND “Escape from the Five-Million-Year-Old Suburb” from The Mother of All Questions, Pages 115-122

WATCH: “What’s the Difference Between Sex and Gender? Feminist Fridays”

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