Do an interview and compose a 1000+ words story

The content of the story is about “what makes a person live.” Basically you should interview a person you choose, like a witter and a casher(you can interview the person you like in their own business, or their office), about 45 minutes. Talk about their career.

In the story, you should include the real name of the person(whole name, include the last name of the person), where they come, age (basic information)

and here are several questions you should ask the person, which means you should include in your story

1, What’s the most unforgettable thing happened when you were working?

2, What do you like about your job?

3, what do you like to do after your work?

In the story, you should include about 10+ quotes of the person. Each quote should be 2 sentences or more (except a strong sentence).

Besides interview the person, you also need to interview 2 people related to the person (like his/her colleague). You need to include 3-4 quotes from them in the story. (Which mean you don’t have to interview them for a long time) Just know the person you choose from their perspective.

So the story is like describing the career of the person and introduce the person. You are not recoding the process of your interview. Write in third person.

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