-Explain the defining characteristics of nonverbal communication as described in the text.-In a given situation, recognize your own nonverbal behavior and its relational significance.INSTRUCTIONS1. For each of the social situations below, list the nonverbal  behaviors you believe will achieve the stated goal. Use as many  categories of nonverbal behavior as you can: Body movement (orientation,  posture, gestures, face/eyes), voice, touch, appearance, physical  space, physical environment, time.2. Reflect on the behavior of yourself and others important to you.  How might you change some of the nonverbal cues you display to  communicate what you desire more effectively? Example: Initiate  conversation with a stranger at a party. Make eye contact, offer hand in  greeting, smile, come within four feet of other person, turn body  toward other person, nod occasionally when other is talking.A.Take control or exercise leadership in a class group.B.Come across well in a job interview.C.Tell an interesting joke or story.D.Appear friendly and warm without “coming on too strong.”E.Signal your desire to leave a conversation when the other person keeps on talking.F.Appear confident when asking boss for a raise.G.Appear interested in class lecture.H.Avoid talking with a person on a plane or bus.I.Show kindness toward an elderly relative.J.Appear concerned about a friend’s dilemma.

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