discussion response 92

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The painting that I reviewed was Philip III because it was the one that stood out visually. The first thing that I noticed was the lack of a background really pushes the portrait forward. Next, the angle of the picture also adds drama as if we are looking up to Philip III. It is as if the artist is highlighting the Kings stature. Finally, the lighting in the picture adds some depth and realism. Its focus is directly on the face, bringing it right to the foreground. The artists give some dimension through the use of this light source as well. You can see how his hair and clothing almost disappear into the dark background, while the ears are just slightly out of focus. I believe the portrait highlights Philip’s stature in society. At the time of his death he was a King in the countries of Spain, Portugal, Naples, Sicily, Sardinia and Duke of Milan. In my opinion the artist does succeed because the portrait looks larger than life because the angle and how close the portrait appears. This is a cool piece of art that I personally like. I am not normally a big fan of portraits unless it’s a family photo. However, this piece of art was both vibrant and dark. The artist use of light is my favorite part.


I’ve decided to do this on Velazquez portrait of Queen Mariana of Austria. Goethe’s three questions asks us: What is Velazquez trying to say, does he succeed, and was it worth the effort.

Judging by her dress and hairstyle, it seems to me that he was trying to portray just how regal she was. The kind of wealth and power that she carries. Her elaborate cloths and jewelry, in contrast with her makeup and exotic hair style, it is clear he is trying to show her status and rank. While at the same time, according to the museum website, the clock in the background “alludes to virtue and prudence.”

Now I am no expert on art in any form. But it is defiantly clear to me that he was trying to show her power and beauty that she possessed. She stands in a power position. With elegant cloths and glamorous makeup, demonstrating that she is the boss and has the power. At the same time, she is depicted in soft tones. Nothing too loud that would distract the viewer from what he is trying to show her as.

I think he defiantly hit the mark when it comes to what He was trying to show her as. He showed that she had wealth and power but was intimating at all. Almost non-threatening to view to a point, but still left enough there to show that she does have the power to crush her enemies if need be. It is a hard balance but I feel he defiantly showed it here.

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