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In the acute care hospital setting, recruitment is the lynch-pin to the organization’s ability to care for patients by acquiring talented professionals who contribute to the hospital’s mission and goals. Nursing shortages are anticipated to increase with the aging of the nation’s population, the retirement of current healthcare professionals, and the increased access to healthcare through the Affordable Care Act (Penner, 2017). Organizations who do not take a proactive approach to recruitment will struggle to meet the demands of their community. The purpose of this discussion is to present the recruitment process for a registered nurse position and the techniques utilized to acquire the best candidates.

Recruitment Process

At the quaternary academic medical center in central Pennsylvania, recruitment is vital to the hospital’s success. It is a partnership between human resources, the recruitment team, and organizational managers and leaders. The recruitment process varies depending upon the position and if it is a new or established within the organization. The recruitment process for a registered nurse starts with the nurse manager identifying the number of people needed and the work area. The nursing recruitment team (NRT) posts the position to the hospital’s website internally for seven days, to comply with the nursing union contract. If the applicants are insufficient or do not meet the qualifications, the nurse manager requests an external posting. The NRT posts the position to the website, social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, and career sites like LinkedIn. In addition to electronic talent searches, NRT hosts and attends local job fairs to advertise employment opportunities. Another successful strategy is partnering with current employees and recruiting at their alma mater to discuss the benefits of working for the hospital with current students. If students are interested in that specific clinical unit, they are brought on campus for a tour of the facility and unit and meet with the nurse manager. Utilizing several mediums for advertising assists the organization and helps the NRT with extending their recruitment radius quickly and efficiently (Lussier & Hendon, 2018).

Once candidates are recruited and submit their applications, the nurse manager must select who is qualified based on their resume and arrange for an in-person interview. This step in the process is critical in finding the right person for the position. Behavioral-based interviewing is a method that is encouraged and proven successful in finding highly qualified talent. This interviewing technique uses questions that ask the candidate to provide examples of how they performed in a particular situation, so the hiring manager can assess if those actions align with the hospital standards and the unit culture (Lussier et al., 2018). Another method of behavioral screening is with scenarios or skills sessions that have the candidate perform necessary skills and then ranked on proficiency (Markey & Tingle, 2012).

Once the nurse manager finds the best candidate, NRT contacts the compensation department for the financial package and makes the formal offer. The notification processes between the departments occurs in the electronic human capital management system. This system allows for improved efficiency and quick turn around times in filling positions, by avoiding back and forth phone calls or missed emails.


The recruitment process at the medical center is robust and evaluated annually by the workforce planning committee to ensure it is meeting the organizational need as well as the candidate’s preference in the market. However, recruiting can still be a challenge, mainly because of the shortage of nurses in the market. Organizations must be willing to change processes and try new methods to work through these challenges to attract the best talent.


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