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Discussion response 150-200 word min APA format

Please follow the attached rubric

I believe digital literacy in the classroom setting because I believe the digital text is so much more different than regular paper text. The online text contains embedded resources such as hyperlinks, clips, graphs, or charts that require students to make choices. To get this started in your classroom, I would incorporate a computer, an iPad and even an iPod. These three technologies I believe are so important to have in class and acknowledge to understand the basics of internet setting safety such as creating strong passwords, understanding and using privacy settings and knowing when and not to share on social media. Most importantly I believe that in school they should also learn about cyberbullying and find to stop current bullies and prevent others from cyberbullying. In my classroom now currently, I use an APP called “Class Dojo” where I communicate and send pictures digitally to parents on a daily basis. We don’t always think about the implication or potential consequences of what they share online.

“When looking to build students’ digital literacy skills, many educators focus on providing safe, age-appropriate online content that accelerates literacy growth while:

Providing all students greater access, equity, and ownership of their learning

Delivering real-time data on digital reading practice to move individuals and groups forward

A strong student-centered digital library helps students build digital literacy skills while also:

Ensuring digital titles are from respected publishers and that content includes titles that enable learners of diverse backgrounds to see their culture, race, and ethnicity represented

Providing content for a broad range of interest, grades, and reading levels in a variety of formats and genres including fiction, nonfiction, and graphic novels

Offering titles from well-known publishers in both English and Spanish

Maximizing student choice and engagement by allowing many students to read the same book simultaneously

Making every book available as a “class set,” meaning educators are no longer limited to the few titles with thirty or so copies.” (https://www.renaissance.com/2019/02/08/blog-digital-literacy-why-does-it-matter/)

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