discussion questions 587

You need to generate a critical question based on the assigned readings for class discussion. You must read all the research articles/chapters assigned for each class but you only need to submit 2 discussion questions. Your discussion questions need to be thoughtful, relevant to the reading, and spark interesting discussion about the reading or the overarching theme of the assigned readings. Please write one question for Chapter 5 and one for Chapter 6

High quality, thoughtful questions demonstrate your understanding of the reading and require you to:

  • ● Evaluate and critique the methods/results/implications of the study (e.g., “The researchers do not address XYZ, how does this affect the study findings?”; “What would happen if researchers used XYZ instead of XXX?”; “The findings suggest XYZ but could this be just due to XXX?”)
  • ● Apply the concepts/ideas/findings from the study to different situations (e.g., “Will they be able to replicate the findings if they…?”; “The researchers suggest XYZ. How can this be applied to real world situations where…”)
  • ● Compare and contrast ideas between readings (e.g., “How does XYZ from Study A relate to XXX from Study B?”)
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