discussion question 1137

Organizational Culture of Wayne State University (Michigan, US). Apx 200 words

  • Identify at least three “cultural artifacts” of organizational culture at Wayne State
  • Identify at least two “cultural values” underneath the artifacts
  • Any subculture you’re aware of within WSU?
  • Compare & contrast organizational culture between Wayne State and Oakland University (Michigan, US) in terms of their cultural artifacts or values

Organizational Culture of Your Positive Organization. Apx 200 words

Companies: Henry Ford Hospital and Quicken Loans (Both in US)

  • Identify at least two cultural artifacts and two cultural values
  • Make at least two suggestions to better keep its culture alive o How should they select their employees?
    o What should their top management do?
    o How should they socialize their employees?
    o What kind of organizational rite or ceremony that they can have?
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