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Please follow Directions!!When we think of the term ‘bias’, it is inherently negative. Biases involve favoring a view or group over others and to be unfair or partial to a view or a group. Bias literacy is the first step toward action against bias. Once we understand the dynamics and impacts of discrimination, we should understand what to do, and what others are doing successfully, to make bias transparent where it has been hidden or unacknowledged, and to control illegal bias. Human Services is a profession that relates to social justice (meaning, we do our part to positively impact the common good for all people). To do that, we must recognize our personal biases so that we can work effectively with all different types of groups.Question: Identify one or more of your personal bias(es) and how were you able to acknowledge your identified bias(es)? Why is identifying personal bias(es) important so that you can effectively work with diverse client populations as a Human Services Professional? Please write at least 2 paragraphsInitial Posting: You are required to provide a detailed initial posting that completely answers the discussion question stated above

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