Discussion and Responses

Write at least a 265-word response to the following. Your response must addressallaspects of each question, must include your personal opinions, ideas, or thoughts; and must provide examples in any situation where it is warranted.Who are the stakeholders who should be involved in the system and acquisition process? Why is it important to involve each one?Respond to classmates responses in 265 words each.First response: DanishiaAccording to what I read Jeff Green. (2018), The stakeholders are known as the Clinicians, Office Manager/Office Staff, Billing team/Head of billing, Board Members/Administration, and the Marketing Team. All of these individuals and groups play a major role in the involvement of the system and acquisition process. They all work together to keep the practice running smoothly. For the Clinicians they work along with the office manager/office staff to provide the needed care and make sure that they are putting in the demographics accurately and efficiently. The office manager/office staff also work together with the billing team/head of billing when it comes to the claims being submitted properly for the practice to get paid. Without this there will be a issue getting the practice paid. Then you have the Board Members/Administration which can play a huge role when it comes to supporting projects and being the protection to secure what is needed. And last there is the marketing team which is another role that contributes a lot to the practice by interacting with patients who use the patient portal. They can engage with patients through there to provide needed assistance. At the end they all are who keeps the company at it’s best to ensure the best practices are being done to continue moving forward in the company. They are the foundation of the practice and where one lacks the entire practice lacks. This is why it is so important to all be on the same page when performing your job in order to be a successful running organization. When I think of this I think about connecting ropes whereas they all tie in the practice to complete a important role which is important getting the job done.2nd Response: MarieStakeholders in the healthcare continuum consist of many important individuals. This includes clinicians, administrators, patients, and the government among others. The stakeholders that should be involved in making decisions concerning the system and acquisition process should include all stakeholders. Each individual stakeholder has a role and responsibility to the healthcare system. For instance, physicians are responsible for providing the best care to their patients. Practice administrators are responsible for the implementation of polices and regulations set forth from the government. Patients that receive care are the heartbeat of the healthcare system. Without patients, there would be no one to treat and their engagement and satisfaction is the ultimate goal. Government offices are responsible for funding and mitigating policies set forth by public health officials and agencies. Employers are able to offer health benefits to their employees through contracts with insurance companies. As you see, each department or sector of healthcare plays a role. According to research, “Mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships are a dominant force in today’s healthcare system. ” (Health Catalyst, 2020). In order for acquisitions to work stakeholders must ask important questions. How will this change the future of healthcare for this facility? How much money will it cost us? How do our patients and physicians feel about this change? How will the information systems be updated? Will the fees for service change, will there be a need to have pay cuts or furlough current employees? Will policies and procedures currently in place need to be adjusted or changed due to the acquisition? All of these questions would need to be addressed by the appropriate department in order for the acquisition or merger to be successful.

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