Discussion: Real World Application of Mathematical Programming

(1) Read this short example: see attached -1 on how organizations are using mathematical programming techniques to be more efficient and save millions of dollars. (From the textbook, An Introduction to Management Science: Quantitative Approaches to Decision Sciences – Chapter 7, Management Science in Action)

If you are interested in more information about this example, follow this link to the .see attached -1 Skim the article and take note of the types of variables and constraints (not the specific math but the concepts). Notice what types of constraints were needed to ensure a feasible solution.

(2) “Real World” Applications of mathematical programming. Search Google Links to an external site.and find other “real world” applications where the use of mathematical programming (using Linear / Integer / Mixed / Non-Linear Programming) helped an organization optimize its processes. Besides Google, there are several examples in the textbook chapter which can be used to begin your search. Please provide a link to the article, a synopsis of the how the company used these tools and what the result of the implementation. I am NOT looking for mathematical detail but rather a summary of the process.

Post and summarize a unique article and then respond to at least two posts from other students. You will not be able to view other student postings until you post your article, link, and synopsis.

please follow Discussion Rubric – see attached Discussion Rubric

Your initial post is due on or before Monday at 11:59. Your required responses to peers’ posts must be posted prior to Tuesdayat 11:59pm.

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