On a one page please conduct research to learn about a resource for survivors in your community. Your initial post should provide an overview of the resource and describe the services provided. Based on your research, what protective and risk factors is the program focusing on? How can the information from the TED Talk by Leslie Morgan Steiner be maximized by service providers? Click here to view the TED Talk:


Your response post should be to a student who described a different program. Compare and contrast the protective and risk factors of each program. Which factors do you think are most important to consider when assisting survivors? APA formatting

Part 2

In a two paragraph response, complete the discussion question(s) as directed. Additionally, respond to another student who may have a different viewpoint or idea than you. Compare and contrast your answers.

Scenario: You are riding in a two-officer squad car during your shift. Your new partner, whom you’ve never ridden with, is driving the squad. Your partner has been employed with your department for several years. You observe a vehicle in front of you occupied by four Hispanic males. The vehicle is an older vehicle and covered in rust, however all equipment is legally operational. The vehicle’s right tires drive on the shoulder line, but did not cross the line. Your partner verbalizes that he suspects the vehicle doesn’t have insurance. Furthermore, he tells you the vehicle crossed the shoulder line which is a moving violation. You did not believe the vehicle violated any laws. Your partner wants to initiate a traffic stop.

  • Consider this week’s reading assignment. How would you handle this situation? Would you allow your partner to initiate the stop? Do you believe your partner is racially profiling (or not)?

Scenario: You are dispatched to a vandalism complaint called in by a witness who observed four black males who possibly spray painted graffiti on a public fence. The witness believes she saw one or more of the males spray paint the word, “Crips” in blue writing on the fence. You arrive in the area along with another squad. There are no other suspects in the immediate area. You observe fresh blue paint on the fence, and a blue spray paint can on the ground. One of the males is wearing unseasonably warm clothing for the 90 degree day. You may have seen blue paint on his index finger, however the male moved his hand up inside his jacket. You observe a “bulge” protruding out along his waistline near his back. The male is belligerent and argumentative. You notice he is wearing a blue shirt and shoes, and has a tattoo of a hand making a “C” shape. Based on this description, you believe the male is associated with the violent gang “Crips”. You are aware that violent gangs are known to carry weapons. Based on the above information, you fear the suspect may have a weapon. You elect to conduct a “Terry” search of the vandalism suspect for weapons. When you inform the suspect of the search, he becomes increasingly belligerent and calls you a racist.

  • Considering the above facts, what is your course of action? Do you discontinue your efforts to search him? Do you respond to his accusation of being a racist?

Due dates for your initial and response posts can be found by checking the Course Syllabus and Course Calendar.

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